7 Ways Bespoke Joinery Can Improve Storage Space in Your Home

Turn dead space into functional, beautiful statement pieces.

Bespoke joinery is often considered to be an expensive indulgence but if done with great consideration and foresight, can prove to be a hugely rewarding and worthwhile investment.

Most buildings, especially in the UK, have plenty of odd shapes and funky corners that can prove to be a rather large headache when deciding on furniture placement and how and where to position them. Seldom do we think about using the actual space as a means for storage which by and large, is very much in short supply in UK homes, especially in some newer builds.

Bespoke joinery opens up a whole world of possibilities, whether you are looking to make use of the space for practical storage, entertainment areas, temporary bedding or a simple office desk.

Here’s six great ways that bespoke joinery can help to trans

1. Bookshelves

The classic bookshelf is never out of place in any home. Floor to ceiling bookshelves make complete use of the entire dead area and can offer huge storage opportunities, even in the smallest of corners. With so much room on offer, you have the opportunity to create shelves, drawers, cabinets, pull outs and custom fitments for all sorts of nicnacs and objets d’arts. The possibilities are virtually endless.

And to style it, you do not have to go for the classic white or single-coloured finish either. Once installed, you can enhance your shelving with different colours or patterns to make it into a real standout feature that will lift the entire room.

2. Entertainment Centres

Most homes now need to accommodate not only a larger screen TV, but all sorts of added set-top boxes, games consoles, media players along with a plethora of cables and loose wires. No one wants to see these!

By creating a bespoke media unit, this allows you to recess the TV so that all the cables can be hidden away and the added gadgets can be placed in more suitable storage away from view, giving your room a clean and modern finish.

Remember however, that modern day TV lifespans don’t outlast bespoke units, so make sure your design takes into account having the TV replaced or changed some time in the future, especially if you decide to upgrade and go larger!

3. Daybeds

If your home is short of a spare room for guests to stay over, then why not consider a fold away daybed that comes out of the recess and pulls down ready only for the times when you really need it?

There’s lots of ways to create stylish and ergonomic guest bed solutions that can fit into surprisingly tight spaces. Whether the bed folds down from the wall or pulls out from under a fitted bench, you’ll be surprised how comfortable your guests can be by utilising a simple, stylish bespoke bedding system.

4. Pantries

Every kitchen no matter the size will always benefit from increased storage. There’s never enough!

Floor to ceiling pull-out pantries are extremely popular right now and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they offer a great way to store foods of all shapes and sizes, they also make access to foods and kitchenwares so much easier, with less bending or reaching.

5. Eaves & Attics

If you’ve converted your loft or upper floors, chances are you’ve gone right up into the roof and have several areas of dead ceiling space due to the eaves. So why wastes that space?

By creating bespoke cupboards, you can turn that floorspace into usable storage space that would otherwise never be set foot on (unless you were two feet tall!)

6. Wardrobes

Every girl loves custom made built in wardrobes. If designed by an inspired mind, you can create a clothes storage area to suit even the most demanding fashionista! Built in rails, shelves, drawers, pull-outs and shoe racks are all possible solutions that can turn dead space or unused, unloved corners into an extremely functional and invaluable asset to your everyday life.

With the doors closed, it looks like a simple unassuming wardrobe. Yet once the doors open, it exposes a space with beauty and function at the top of the agenda.

7. Office Desks

With more than 4 million people working from home in the UK alone, having a functional and scalable office desk is a must!

Just as important however, is to be able to down tools, pack away the computer and switch off for the day before work takes over your home life! A folding or slideaway desk solution could be the perfect answer to creating an office set up that needs to fit into a tight space and still offer all the functions of a modern day home business.

A bespoke office desk fitted into a suitable corner can give you the space and freedom to work as and when you choose, without it imposing permanently on your home space or domestic usage. This way, it offers the perfect home and work life balance.

So there you have it… just 7 great examples of how bespoke joinery is a great way to improve the usage of your home and bring dead space into your rooms and enhance your world. Not only will it give you a much nicer place to live, it’ll also add huge value from a financial as well as functional view point. It’s a win-win!

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