10 Ways to Add Practical Seating to Your Hallway

Create a useful cloakroom area for entering or leaving your home

Do you find yourself constantly sitting on the stairs or holding onto walls, leaving dirty hand prints just to take your shoes on and off as you leave the house? One simple, practical solution could be to add some form of hallway seating to make this everyday routine easier and leave your walls free of grime and your stairways clearer.

A seat in the hall will give a stylish and practical addition to your home that you wish you had thought about a long time ago. Here’s a selection of really useful ideas to fit a hallway seat into any home.

Seating Under Stairs

Adding seating under the stairs is a quick and practical solution that most homes can accommodate. Image credit: Pinterest

Under the Stairs

If you look hard enough, every home has at least one area of dead space close to the entranceways and the stairs almost always seems to be the main culprit. If your stairs have a cupboard or storage area that is constantly hard to access or provides no practical use, then why not turn it into a useful bench? By simply removing the doors and framing, you could easily have a custom made bench with storage installed that will add a cosy nook to your home and provide a much needed place to put on shoes and hang coats away.

Leather Hallway Bench

A slimline bench adds an elegant addition to any hallway. Image credit: Bedroom Referrer

Narrow Bench

If there’s no obvious place for a fitted seating area, then opt for a narrow bench along a side wall or corridor. Remember, your hallway seat doesn’t need to be comfortable or cosy, seeing it is only going to be used for short periods. Opt for a design that is practical and doesn’t create any obstructions. A narrow bench will add a much needed place to quickly take off shoes and keep muddy feet away from prized interior carpets, rugs and flooring.

White Storage Bench Seat

A storage bench offers a multi-use solution that every home could use. Image credit: Sofa & Home

Storage Bench

If you need something more than just a humble bench, then try using a sturdy storage unit or furniture piece that could easily be converted into a seat. With the addition of some simple cushions or custom made padding on top, a humble storage bench can be transformed into a highly practical sitting and storage area. There’s no rules when it comes to creating a bench for occasional use so if a furniture piece works just as good as a bench, then give it a try!

Simple Wooden Hallway Bench

A Simple Wooden Bench Adds an Elegant Hallway Seating Solution. Image credit: Black by Design


If being overly fancy is not your thing or storage is not top of your list and you just want somewhere to park your behind and take off your shoes, then there’s nothing wrong with a minimalist bench with clean lines and simple design styling. A slimline bench can work in most interiors, especially modern homes where the understated styling will seamless blend in without clashing with your overall colour scheme.

Vintage Hallway Seat with Table

This vintage style hallway seat proves classics never go out of fashion. Image credit: Fettling Fairies

Statement Piece

If making a statement is your thing however, then shop around at some of your local antique and second hand stores and find a piece that says look at me! An elegant chaise lounge or classic vintage piece will do the trick and grab all the attention the moment you or your guests enter the hallway. And of course it will be asking to be sat on every time.

Hallway Ottoman

An ottoman can add a pop or colour and softness to a hallway. Image credit: House Beautiful


If budgets are tight and you need a great all rounder that offers seating and plenty of practical storage, then there’s nothing better than the humble ottoman. They come is all shapes and sizes, so finding one that suitably fits your hallways shouldn’t be a problem and it will provide a comfortable place to sit whilst putting on shoes and will offer somewhere to store them when they have to come off again.

A bench below a window adds a cosy nook for glazing out to the views. Image credit: DIY Network

Window Seat

If your hallway overlooks a garden or a view, then try placing a nice seat directly below the window. It will help to frame the area and give you a place to gaze out over the views as well as offer you that all important seating in the hallway. You’ll no doubt start to spend a great deal more time in the hallway than you had before.

Hallway Stool

A compact hallway stool provides ample temporary seating in tight spaces. Image credit: Swiss Miss


If you need something compact and a bench, storage unit or even an ottoman is just too imposing on your space, then you could always try a simple, elegant stool in one corner of the room. There’s literally thousands of beautifully designed stools available to buy online nowadays, from modern and contemporary designs, to retro and classic styles. One of them is bound to suit you perfectly.

Hallway Corner Bench

Even the smallest of corners have ample room to create a cloakroom area. Image credit: Pinterest

Corner Seat

If space it just a little too tight for a bench or seating solution along a wall, then try fitting a seat into a corner that won't create any obstructions. You could even place coat hangers above the corner bench and make the area into a small but perfectly useable cloakroom area that adds a really nice feature to your hallway.

Folding Hallway Seat

Think you don't have enough room for a hallway seat? Then think again! Image credit: Altonen Interiors

Folding Seat

If there’s literally no space to be found anywhere in your hallway, then you could consider having a custom made folding seat installed or look to purchase a foldaway bench online. If you have cavity walls, you could even have the bench fold away flush to the walls so that it is permanently hidden when not in use. Whichever route you decide to take, a foldaway bench won’t take up much room at all and will provide some much needed practical seating only when required.

So why not try out one of the above solutions? There's always a way to add a much needed seating solution to your hallway that will transform your interior spaces and make them more useable and practical for the everyday.

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