5 Reasons Why An Office Refurbishment Can Transform Your Business

Many business owners tend avoid venturing down the path towards an office refurbishment due to the expense and the disruption caused by the refit. However, many do not realise the full benefits of giving their office space a complete makeover and how positive the impact can be.

Day after day, we spend hours of your lives in the office and for many, it can be an uninspiring and drab place to be. Walls that lack colour, rooms that lack character and spaces that look tired and dated can play a massive part on staff productivity and mood.

Reception areas that look dirty with old, worn out carpets, chipped and damaged reception spaces and drab, run of the mill furniture sends a very poor message to customers and prospective clients. Is this really the image you want your business to portray?

First impressions count and in business, it could means the difference between making or breaking a hugely lucrative deal. So before you go writing off the idea of having your office refurbished, think about the follow 5 reasons why having a complete office refit could really transform your business.

1) Lift the Mood

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and some colour is all it takes to lift morale. A completely refitted office space with modern furniture and more useable spaces can make a massive impact on staff productivity.

Research has shown that office spaces that are more colourful and dynamic give employees far greater motivation to perform. So if your office is filled with beige walls and boring grey carpets, what does that say about your company?

It's time to make some changes.

2) Make an Impression

Nothing has a better wow factor that a hugely impressive reception area.

It sets the tone for your visitors and sends a message that you are a serious business that takes pride in your brand image.

If you're inviting a customer into your office for the first time, a drab, dated and dull reception is the best way to say you don't care.

A dynamic and visually impressive reception area that is cleaned daily gets your relationship off to the best possible start. It also means your reception team will feel proud to represent your company when visitors come to see you. It's a win win situation.

3) Reinvent Yourself

If your company culture has been stuck in the doldrums for too long, a complete office refurbishment is the single best way to reinvent yourself.

By employing an office interior designer to completely redesign your office space, you can take your company to places where you could have only dreamed before.

Their experience and insight will undoubtedly give rise to creative uses of the space that will make your office an amazing place to work and give your staff a great reason to come to work everyday with a smile, and want to be productive and hard working.

That will undoubtedly increase productivity, profit and improve relations between staff members and senior management.

Your team will feel appreciated and listened to if you give them an office space that makes their jobs easier to carry out and more efficient.

4) Better Use of Space

A brand new office refurbishment gives you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, see where your current office layout is failing and make the necessary changes.

Every office has areas of dead or unused space that is crying out for a rethink. An office interior designer will identify those areas and put them to better use.

With some clever use of creativity, you could no doubt gain an extra meeting room or break out area, a tea and coffee area or just improve your storage space. The possibilities are endless.

5) Restructure Your Team

Your current office layout may expose problems with team fragmentation, if key members are not in close proximity to each other or able to hot desk.

By designing a new layout, you can ensure key members of various departments all work closely together, making communication and collaboration easier and more efficient.

As companies grow and teams expand, it's inevitable that various members get placed at desk positions that make no sense. Use an office refurbishment to your advantage and redesign how our desks are situated.

You may decide to go for a more open plan design, a hot desking layout or create specific departmental areas. Whatever you decide, make sure you consult your staff and get their feedback. How they work is vitally important to making this key decision correctly.

Give them a layout that works and they'll thank you for it and no doubt, work far more effectively and respect you moreover.

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5 Reasons Why An Office Refurbishment Can Transform Your Business
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5 Reasons Why An Office Refurbishment Can Transform Your Business
Learn 5 reasons why an office refurbishment can help to transform your business in a positive way, from staff productivity to company brand image
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