Top 10 Tips to Successful Bathroom Design

How to Plan Your Perfect Bathroom Project. Having a luxurious and functional bathroom is every home owners dream. We may only spend short periods in our bathrooms each day but having one that makes for washing, showering and bathing a pleasure can be potentially life changing. If you plan to renovate or create a brand…

How to Create Your Perfect Utility Room

Plan Your Ideal Laundry Room & Free Up the Kitchen Nowadays, a utility room can take many forms and be utilised for numerous necessities such as laundry, storing mops, brooms and ironing boards, even food or seasonal jackets and coats. Essentially, their main purpose is to create a clutter free space that frees up the…

How to Disguise or Improve Ugly Radiators

Design Hacks to Make Your Radiators Disappear Radiators come in all shapes and sizes however, most moderns radiators tend to have a very generic look that seldom enhances the overall aesthetics of a room. At times they can be bulky, ugly and placed where they’re most inconvenient. If this is you, then you’ll be encouraged by…

7 Ways to Bring the Countryside Into Your City Apartment

How to Give your Flat Beautiful Green Spaces More of us now live in apartments and city flats than ever before. This more affordable housing option is growing ever popular however, with the lack of outdoor space, there are downsides especially in the warmer months. When the sun shines, we want to be outside enjoying…

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