8 Ways to Create a Courtyard Garden Oasis

Transform a Small Outside Space into a Personal Haven With many inner city homes and properties having very small outside garden spaces, creating a little personal oasis may seem like an impossible dream, but with some ingenuity and clever use of colour, space and mother nature, you too can have a garden that you’ll want…

6 Key Features for the Perfect Modern Office Design

How to Bring Your Office Inline with the Next Generation of Employees Office design trends vary from business to business but the general consensus is, the younger millennial workforce coming through the ranks demands are greater amount of flexibility and adaptability in the workplace. Having been born into a world where connectivity and technology is…

10 Ways to Add Practical Seating to Your Hallway

Create a useful cloakroom area for entering or leaving your home Do you find yourself constantly sitting on the stairs or holding onto walls, leaving dirty hand prints just to take your shoes on and off as you leave the house? One simple, practical solution could be to add some form of hallway seating to…

6 Reasons Why Glass Partitions Are Great In the Home As Well As the Office

A Great Halfway House Between Open-Plan and Sectioned Off Living If you watch any home renovation television programme or read some of the well known online publications, you’ll soon notice a growing trend amongst home interior spaces and how they are defined. Glass or partly glazed partition walls. In recent years, many people turned towards…

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