10 Tips To Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

How to maximise space and make your bathroom useable Whether you’re trying to add a new en suite or upgrade an existing bathroom, many of the UK’s homes contain bathrooms that can be very tight for space. Maximising that space to ensure you have all the essentials in place whilst making it functional is a…

7 Common Room Lighting Mistakes You Want to Avoid

How to get your interior lighting right first time In most building projects, home owners tend to overlook the importance of lighting and how it will affect the spaces created. Whether you’re planning an extension or adapting the existing interior spaces, any changes to a room shape and size will play a part in altering…

8 Key Considerations When Designing a Kitchen Island

How to create a kitchen island that works From a design and practical perspective, kitchen islands are all the rage now, and it’s easy to see why. They tick several boxes in terms of storage, counter space, aesthetics, practicality and entertaining. They don’t just look great - they can transform a kitchen into something quite…

Choosing the right style patio doors for your home

Transform your room with a variety of styles & bring the outdoors in If you’re considering an extension or simply want to transform a room in your home for the better, no doubt you may have considered patio doors if the room faces a garden or a beautiful view. With so many types to choose from including…

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