7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Useful Tricks to Make A Smaller Bedroom Feel More Spacious Many homes have some pretty tight feeling bedrooms, even in the master suite and there never appears to be enough space for everything. However, with some ingenious little tricks and tips, there’s several ways to create more space or at least, make the space feel…

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Worktop Material

Finding a Countertop That Ticks All the Boxes Everyone has their different reasons for choosing a particular kitchen worktop material. In most cases it comes down to finish, colour and how they compliment your kitchen units. Cost and durability is also a major factor but aside from these very common influencers, what about practicality? How…

7 Ways to Illuminate Your Garden in Style

Put Some Spark Into Your Outdoor Space with Creative Lighting All too often, we tend to neglect our gardens and forget to give them the same makeover treatment that our interiors benefit from. Yet most of us spend a lot of our time either looking out to enjoy the view of our gardens or spending…

White vs Black vs Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Decide Which Colour Works in Your Kitchen If you’re planning or going through a kitchen renovation, that all important question of appliances and colours will have to be eventually dealt with. With kitchen companies now offering a much wider range of styles and colours, the choice of appliance isn’t simply about price and…

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