8 Ways to Create a Courtyard Garden Oasis

Transform a Small Outside Space into a Personal Haven

With many inner city homes and properties having very small outside garden spaces, creating a little personal oasis may seem like an impossible dream, but with some ingenuity and clever use of colour, space and mother nature, you too can have a garden that you’ll want to spend hours in during the summer months.

Try some of these ideas and you’ll instantly transform an ordinary exterior into a place to hang out and relax.

A Splash of Colour on Walls Can Make Dramatic Improvements. Image credit: London Garden Blog

Coloured Walls

If your garden is fenced in or has a boundary wall, old brickwork can make a garden feel tired, dowdy and imposing.

With some elbow grease to clean up the bricks and a good few coats of bright white paint, you can instantly liven up your beaten up looking boundaries and bounce all that natural light around the area, which will make it feel instantly brighter, warmer and more summery.

Decking Can Even Make Even the Smallest Spaces Look Incredible. Image credit: Supreme Green Landscaping


If your garden is becoming hard to maintain with a lawn that needs regular cutting or stone slabs that are showing signs of mildew and ageing mortar, why not lay some fresh decking so give the floorspace a complete rejuvenation?

Raised decking just a few inches off the ground will make your garden feel like an extension of your home and remove you from the commitment of having to regularly cut the grass, when decks will feel great under foot and add more texture and warmth to the space.

Lawns particularly in small gardens can quickly become redundant, whilst a decked area will give it purpose and a superb place to entertain and enjoy outdoor life.

Artificial Grass is a Very Popular Option for Smaller City Gardens. Image credit: Quick Grass

Artificial Turf

If you have to have your lush green looking lawn, but don’t have the time to cut, want or need for real grass, then laying artificial turf is a great alternative. 

Many modern astroturfs are now very affordable and will last several years. They’ll maintain the natural green tones of having a real lawn but will spare you having to grab the mower every couple of weeks in summer and it will always look great all year round.

Corner Benches Look Stylish, Modern & Save Lots of Useable Space. Image credit: HomesFeed

Corner Storage Benches

If space is really tight but you want to frequently enjoy your outdoor courtyard to entertain and relax, corner benches are an excellent solution.

If tucked into a nice spot, they’ll take up minimal room but will provide ample seating for several guests for parties and get togethers. And if storage is a problem in your garden, ensure your benches have liftable seats so you can store away garden items when no longer needed or throughout during the winter months. It’s a great space saving option that solves many problems.

Folding Furniture

If space is at a premium, then you could easily add some tasteful folding furniture that you take out and use only when required. Most DIY and furniture stores have a wide selection of folding furniture sets that will give your courtyard garden that all essential function.

Simple, Elegant Potted Plants Will Complete the Look of Any Courtyard Garden. Image credit: Pinterest

Potted Evergreens

No courtyard feels like a garden oasis without the addition of plants and nature. Most city dwellers do not tend to be the greatest gardeners however, there’s a whole world of fabulous looking plants out there that will add a touch of essential foliage to your space and require very little maintenance.

By adding a few potted evergreens such a laurels, buxus, mahonias or photinias, you’ll instantly make the space feel more organic. If you want a splash of colour that will bring bees and butterflies to your space then try planting some lavender or willowy verbenas around the borders and you’ll do your bit for mother nature.

There's All Sorts of Weird & Wonderful Wall Planters Available to Transform Your Garden. Image credit: Pinterest

Wall Planters

Empty walls and fences can look a little bland so by adding some decorative framed planters, you can grow your own herb garden and add natural splashes of colour to walls that were once uninspiring.

Even a Small Pergola Can Look Beautiful in Any Sized Garden. Image credit: Douleutaras.gr

Add a Pergola

If you’re feeling really adventurous and want to make your courtyard a truly private space to spend your time, a pergola will add a continental touch to your garden that will give you ample opportunities to add hanging plants, grow climbing plants and vines, and even add a hammock for balmy days when a good afternoon nap in the sun is the perfect way to unwind.

As you can see, there's plenty of ways to make a courtyard garden large or small, a wonderful place to spend time. If you plan to start an exterior or interior refurbishment project, speak to a professional who can help you make the right choices and give you the high end finish you need.

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