Solid & Glass Wall Partitioning

Solid & Glass Wall Partitioning

Modern, Stylish & Functional Wall Partitioning

When it comes to designing your open plan office layout, nothing makes it look more visually appealing than practical, functional solid or glass wall partitioning.  At TC&D Construction, we have installed thousands of layouts using solid and glass wall partitioning in London and the South East and our satisfied customers are a testimony to our success.

Quality Wall Partitioning at a Fraction of the Cost

Today’s incredible technology means open plan offices are a pleasurable environment to work in. That it because solid or glass wall partitioning is so high tech, it blocks out unnecessary sound and encourages better privacy.  Solid or glass wall partitioning also makes the most of office space and helps to create layouts that improve productivity and workflow. At TC&D Construction, we understand how to make the most of wall partitioning in your office.  We also advise on the right type of partitioning to use according to your business and its requirements and we can supply and install the highest quality products at a fraction of the price.

Solid Wall Partitioning

Solid wall partitions are a logical way of sectioning out your offices and TC&D Construction advise and install modern solid wall partitions in your office. We will visit your office, spend time surveying your site and make our recommendations. During this meeting, we will discuss a range of customisable designs that are appealing and meet your needs. Easy to install, solid partitions are excellent for creating privacy as well as eliminating unwanted office noise. With plenty of colour options and styles, we can provide a number of solutions including integrated doors and even combined with glass partitioning.

Glass Wall Partitioning

Elegant glass wall partitioning is an excellent way of making the most of light and space in your office. Not only do they look modern and stylish, they also block out unwanted office noise and blend with opaque sections to enhance privacy where required. Our glass wall partitions are fully customisable to your space. They are also extremely easy to install and work beautifully with sliding and closing doors as well as with solid wall partitioning.

Assessment, Quotation & Installation

Our surveyor will come and assess your office space, making recommendations. Then, measurements will be taken and a quote provided. Once you are happy, we will schedule in the works. Installation is quick and easy, within minimum disruption to your business. For more information on solid and glass wall partitioning, get in touch with us by completing our short form at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to install partitions in my office, what information do you need to give me an estimate?

We need to understand how many partitions you want the height, width and number required and include any doors.   It is best for one of our team to visit your office to give you an accurate quote and discuss all your requirements.

How effective are partitions at disguising noise?

Partition walls are not completely sound-proof; however, they do distort sound to a great extent to give office workers the ability to concentrate on what’s important to you – getting their job done without interruption!

Can partitions be installed in a room with a ceiling that is suspended?

Yes. However, to make sure that the wall is strong enough the ceiling might need to be reinforced. However, this is an uncomplicated process that we can take care of.

Can I re-arrange the layout of partition walls at a later date?

Yes, all partition walls are completely removable and portable so if you move offices or want a different layout at a later date, it can easily be done.

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