7 Ways to Illuminate Your Garden in Style

Put Some Spark Into Your Outdoor Space with Creative Lighting

All too often, we tend to neglect our gardens and forget to give them the same makeover treatment that our interiors benefit from. Yet most of us spend a lot of our time either looking out to enjoy the view of our gardens or spending quality time in the garden during the long summer months. So isn’t it time you gave your garden some accessorising?

Pathway Lights Make the Ordinary Look Beautiful. Image credit: Quanta Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Whether you have a side passageway or a pathway leading you from the front to the rear of your garden, some simple guide lights can transform the ordinary to the spectacular. Just a handful of inexpensive garden lights set alongside the path or amongst the foliage will make the plants glow, adding green and golden hues to your pathway.

Uplighting helps to illuminate the rich green leaves and colours of your plants whilst creating striking shadows against hard surfaces like walls and fencing. Inset lighting into the ground creates a sense of warmth and tranquility, especially on colder days as it marks out the way from one end of the garden to the other.

Inset Lights Give Life to an Otherwise Dull Decked Area. Image credit: Youra Home

Decking Lights

If you have a decked area, embedded lights set into the timbers is a fabulous way to set off the finished look. There’s various ways to use lights set into the timber panelling, from the perimeters around seating or benched areas to laying down interesting an unique patterns along the walkways to create visual guides that draw the eye. This can be achieved using inexpensive, low energy LED lights which cost pennies to run but make your decking look a million dollars.

Lights in Flower Beds Make for a Stunning Visual Effect. Image credit: Kichler

Flower Bed Lighting

Most gardens in the UK follow a very similar rectangular pattern, with lawn laid to the centre and plants and flower beds running along the side fencing perimeters. Although this may appear like the most effective way to maintain good space whilst adding foliage, this can make a garden feel narrow and squeezed.

Adding lights to the flower beds and angling them towards the fences or directly up at small trees and shrubs can help to draw the eye away from the lawned area and make the garden feel much wider. By doing so, you create strong contrasts of lights, darks and halos around the shapes of your plants which will give the borders a sense of height as well as width and really make your garden feel much bigger.

Warm Lights Can Make a Basic Garden Feature Look Incredible. Image credit: InStyle LED

Feature Lighting

If your garden is more minimalist with less emphasis on plants and more focus on furnishings and finishes, then don’t despair. The simplest of design features can come to life and look incredible with the use of lighting in the right places.

A humble chair, bench or even fencing can look intriguing and striking when painted and illuminated in the right way. Try it yourself and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Illuminated Trees Add a Stunning Depth of Contrast to Any Garden. Image credit: Sidera

Tree Lights

If you like your garden to have plenty of trees and tall shrubs, bring them to life with uplights. Just a single adjustable uplighter angled directly up the trunk line will create a stunning visual effect and create strong shadows, stark highlights and make your garden feel special and cosy all year round.

Fairy Lights Make Your Garden Fun, Unique & Unforgettable. Image credit: Lights 4 Fun

Fairy Lights

Once considered tacky and limited for use only during the festive Christmas period, LED fairy lights are a great way to add a magical and unique touch to your favourite spot in the garden, whether it’s a bench or chair under a pergola, a hammock on a porch, a treehouse or a secret play area for the kids. No matter how old you are, there’s something really enchanting and exciting about fairly lights that brings out the kid in all of us.

Hanging Lanterns Offer a Simple & Quick Way to Add Lights To Your Garden. Image credit: John Cullen Lighting

Hanging Lanterns

If you want something quick and easy to install, then there’s no better option than hanging lanterns. Most lanterns use LED bulbs powered by batteries so there’s no need to call in the electricians to install them. No unsightly cables and no wiring to worry about!

Simply hang them from your favourite trees, bushes or plants and enjoy the changing light as they sway in the wind and add some oriental flavour to your garden. There’s literally dozens of designs available on the market so you have plenty of options to chose from.

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