White vs Black vs Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Decide Which Colour Works in Your Kitchen

If you’re planning or going through a kitchen renovation, that all important question of appliances and colours will have to be eventually dealt with. With kitchen companies now offering a much wider range of styles and colours, the choice of appliance isn’t simply about price and practicality, it’s also about aesthetics and how they fit into their surroundings.

Aside from the colourful ranges of retro look fridges currently on the market, the most common colour choices are the classic white, black and the increasingly popular stainless steel. So which one is right for your kitchen? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Modern White Appliances Have Come A Long Way in Recent Years. Image credit: Bake Real Estate

White Appliances

It’s fair to say that white appliances are the safe choice when it comes to kitchen appliances. With the widest choice on the market and prices to suit all budgets, it’s no surprise that white kitchen appliances are still the biggest seller.

In general, they will work in most kitchens due to their neutral colour finish but do they really add much of a statement to a kitchen? There are some very nice, high end finish white appliances but there are also some very basic, low-budget options that can easily cheapen the look of a kitchen so choosing wisely is essential if white is your preferred route.

If you’re looking for something practical and reliable that will go into a rental such as a student letting or rented home, white might be your best bet is you’re expecting the fridge to take some abuse. However, if the fridge is intended for your own home, selecting a model that brings the best out of your newly remodelled space has to be your priority.


  • a safe choice that will work with practically any colour
  • don’t show marks or finger prints too easily
  • low maintenance, easy to clean
  • widest range of models on offer


  • considered dated and old fashioned
  • a little boring and obvious
  • cheaper models can yellow and discolour over time

Black Appliances Can Look Dark & Imposing So Must Be Chosen Carefully. Image credit: CSS Blog

Black Appliances

As the newest kid on the block, black appliances are starting to become more common in this era of industrial influenced interior design. For some, black is a little stark whilst others consider it to be sleek, modern and a great accompaniment to the latest clean, seamless lines of modern kitchen designs.

Understandably, if you like more traditional looking kitchens such as farmhouse, shaker or timber framed doors, a set of black appliances is not likely to work and will cause a clash of styles. If however you like the current trendy urbanised industrial look, black could be just the ticket.

It’s fair to say that black appliances are attracting the younger buyers such as bachelors and apartment sharers much more than the older generation, as the colour is more suited to those who want a look to mach their inner city influenced interior spaces. So unless you have a kitchen design style in mind that is geared towards black, it might not be a wise choice.


  • sleek, modern and very much en vogue
  • don’t show marks or finger prints too easily
  • low maintenance, easy to clean
  • creates a strong contrast with whites & stainless steel


  • tend to be expensive
  • not as much choice on the market as other colours
  • harder to match with existing kitchens & appliances
  • makes a room feel dark & dull

Stainless Steel Appliances Work With Practically Any Kitchen Style. Image credit: Reviewed.com

Stainless Steel Appliances

Considered the most desirable colour choice amongst buyers, it’s easy to see why. Stainless steel appliances work in practically any kitchen and can make the space feel modern and contemporary yet retain the original charm of the existing style. That’s why they appeal to practically every age group and home owner.

Stainless steel manages to blend durability and rugged industrial design with timeless, classic style. There’s very few kitchens that wouldn’t benefit from the clean, sleek lines of a quality set of stainless steel appliances and that’s why it is the most popular choice amongst consumers.

It’s not all good news however as the surface of most appliances tends to shows marks, finger prints and blemishes easily. One use of an inappropriate chemical or course cleaning wipe and you could permanently damage the surface, leaving a permanently visible marks or scratches on display. Children with dirty hands can easily leave smears and fingerprints on the surfaces of fridges and ovens and before you know it, cleaning and maintaining your appliances becomes a full time job.


  • makes practically any kitchen look better
  • compliments existing metal hardware & fixtures
  • timeless, classic look won’t go out of fashion
  • wide range of models & designs on offer


  • tend to be expensive
  • shows grease and fingerprints easily
  • easy to mark or damage


Like any addition to your home, the decision making process is about the balance between practicality, price and aesthetics. All three colours will offer a strikingly different look to any home and offer benefits and pitfalls in equal measure. Ultimately, it’s about deciding what will work for you in the long term and make your home a place where you want to spend time and enjoy your surroundings.

If you simply can't decide, the alternative of course is to opt for hidden appliances. Many people do not like their refrigerator, washing machine or tumble dyer on display and integrated appliances make for a cleaner, simpler finish.

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