How to Make Your Office Look Amazing for Less

Get a Professional Look Without Breaking the Bank

With most business owners being focussed on running their company to maximise profit and minimise tax liabilities, it’s perfectly understandable to let things like office interior design fall down the pecking order. With your office environment being the true face of our company that clients and visitors will see first, it’s actually a great deal more important to get this aspect of your image perfected to make the right impression.

Ultimately, your goal should be to make your office feel warm, welcoming and suitably professional for whoever visits you. And the great news is, small improvements don’t have to cost the earth. It’s actually quite straightforward to make a dull and drab office environment comes to life with some simple decorating changes that will make your space feel like a million dollars. Here’s a few ideas that will help your office give the right impression.

Adding Colour Can Make a Massive Change to Any Office. Image credit: Urban Office

Add Splashes of Colour

Most would agree that colour has a huge role to play in setting the overall tone of a room, as well as influence mood. If your office suffers from classic beige syndrome, brighten up those dreary tones with some accent colours to bring it to life. Dependent on your company niche and image, choosing the right tone and shade is crucial.

Design agencies and internet organisations for example would understandably want to use brighter, warmer tones to inspire creativity and originality amongst their staff whilst a corporate business such as a law firm or financial sector organisation would usually be drawn to calmer, neutral tones to promote trust, professionalism and a reputable image. So whichever of these applies to you, try to find a colour palette that suits your company outlook as well as matches your branding.

Remember, branding plays an important role in establishing a recognisable image so if you have a distinct set of colours, try to incorporate those through subtle uses of accessories and furnishings. You shouldn’t have to spend a great deal to achieve this either. As well as basic paint costs, a modest purchase of chairs and desk accessories should be sufficient to add pops of colour that make it recognisably you.

Branding Plays An Important Role in Establishing a Colour Palette. Image credit: Transparent Cleaning

Great Receptions Make Great Impressions

Not all offices have a formal reception or waiting area but if you do, it pays to make it look great. If you don’t have one, creating one isn’t considered a necessity these days but it will make your guests feel welcomed and will only enhance your image.

Again, if the reception area looks tired and worn out or just lacks any inspiring features, colour and branding is your best weapon to impress.

A good quality set of colour branded modular seats that are comfortable will help to make your clients and guests settle in nicely. Some splashes of colour with your logotype or branding in sight will finish the makeover and give you the confidence to host more meetings in the future without the concerns your office space is letting you down.

Reception Areas Are Your First Opportunity to Make An Incredible Impression. Image credit: Open Buildings

Keep It Clean

It goes without saying that cleanliness in an office is a must for many reasons so if yours if full of clutter, piles of paperwork and archive boxes, then your office is going to look pretty awful.

Keeping your office environment tidy costs you nothing but time if you have plenty of places to store paperwork and such, but if space is becoming an issue, it might be time to invest in a suitable storage solution that will house all of that mess away from view.

There’s lots of great storage solutions out there, many of which are portable if floor space is limited meaning you can roll the cabinet out of the way when it becomes a nuisance. But anything is better than piles of paper everywhere. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if printing so much onto paper is even a necessity. In this age of environmental consciousness, half the time we do not even need to print half the things we do. And by taking that approach, you’ll significantly reduce your paper mountains instantly.

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