Why using one contractor for all your property renovation stages makes complete sense

Hiring an experienced project manager should be your only choice!

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in your life, so imagine how stressful a multifaceted home renovation project could be!

Any residential refurbishment project requires numerous skills and disciplines from various trades and juggling all of those single handedly is a task that only experienced and knowledgeable professionals should really oversee. Even the smallest of home renovations or extension requires a team that may comprise architects, surveyors, planning consent with local authorities, builders, material suppliers, electrical contractors and plumbers, glazing specialists, decorators and finishers, kitchen suppliers and installers and the list goes on. You get the picture!

As building capabilities has improved and the choice of products have widened, modern day home renovation projects have become more ambitious. This is great in terms of the final finished product that you’ll get but, it all adds up in terms of resource management, strict budgeting and timescales. It’s no wonder budding home improvers find renovation projects to be extremely stressful and for the most part, a harrowing experience.

The fact is, a lack of experience and knowledge of project managing a renovation can not only cost you time, it can end up costing you money. So when you had initially thought that taking on the role of PM was a good choice to oversee a tightening of the coffers, you may end up being more out of pocket than if you hired the expertise of a seasoned pro to take the reins instead.

If you have a project in mind that requires a multi-disciplined solution, think very seriously about hiring a contractor who can oversee all the stages of the project and report directly to you. Not only can they take the strain of dealing with contractors and getting the job done correctly, they ensure other matters such as drawings, planning applications and approvals, building and construction work and most important of all, quality control is taken care of.

Even the smallest of homes can have a number of contractors from different industries, all on site at the same time requiring direction and oversight. If you have no experience of doing this, you might be asking for trouble.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with appointing separate firms to carry out various aspects of your project, this does carry an element of risk. The chances of your project overrunning due to miscommunications and misunderstandings are commonplace and this is where costs can spiral out of control.

All this adds up to an unhappy homeowner who has a project that overran, costed more and ended up being inferior to the end finish they had hoped for.

Best way to avoid this? Hire a trusted and highly rated contractor who can handle all aspects of the project and take the load. They will be your eyes and ears on site and will report directly to you and answer to your every need. As they are fully responsible for delivering on their promises, the burden and final responsibility falls with them. So you can get on with your daily life and look forward to seeing a finished product that will exceed all your expectations.

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