How using stone can add impact and value to your property

Practical ways natural stone will deliver stunning results.

Natural materials always make for a timeless finish. Whether its a rugged stone to a highly polished granite or quartz, there's many practical applications for virtually any room in your office or home, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, reception rooms and even outdoor spaces.

In the UK, most natural materials tend to be regarded as an expensive indulgence however, if you take into account the timeless appeal, let alone the durability of the majority of natural materials, the cost becomes less of an issue. Good quality stone can last a lifetime, make your property look stunning and add huge value if you were to ever sell up.

If you're considering a home or office renovation, here's our list of top practical ways natural stone can really make a difference:

1. Flooring
We like our carpeted floors in the UK but the rest of world doesn't tend to share our love affair with the humble rug. In most other countries, wood or tiled floors tend to be the norm due to their hard wearing, durable and hygienic appeal.

Carpets are a haven for dirt, dust mites and allergens which is never a good thing and they wear out fast. Carpets need regular vacuuming and cleaning whilst tiled stone floors are much more longer lasting and don't discolour or decay if cared for correctly.

The fact is, a well chosen tiled floor can make a very ordinary space look incredible and in many cases, bigger and brighter.

With modern underfloor heating systems now being an affordable option, the old argument of stone floors feeling cold to walk on is no longer the case.

2. Work Surfaces
No kitchen is complete without a good quality worktop. In Britain, it's commonplace to see a beautiful, newly installed kitchen be finished off with a cheap formica style worktop that just devalues and ruins the overall finish.

If you want your kitchen to have the wow factor then a good quality granite or quartz is the only option. A cheap, artificial worktop will only devalue the final finish and could end up costing you in the long run.

3. Bathrooms
It is becoming increasingly popular to tile bathrooms from head-to-toe to create a durable wetroom where your family can shower and bathe without the concerns of spillages damaging floor coverings or the walls through water penetration.

Good quality tile doesn't cost the earth these days and by choosing larger tiles, you can cover a much bigger surface area without breaking the bank and create a really stunning finish to any bathroom.

4. Feature Walls
We all love a feature wall. The trend in recent years has been to find a statement wallpaper to create a feature wall however, like most design trends, these tend to come and go very quickly.

Exposed brickwork and stone however is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Whether in an office or your home, exposed brick and stone adds a natural texture that no other surface can recreate. It feels real and tangible and adds much needed character to spaces that may otherwise feel lifeless and bland.

5. Partition Walls
In recent years, we've seen a major shift towards using natural stone slabs to create statement dividing walls. Like feature walls, they can really lift the look of a room and if done correctly, offer a modular system where the wall can be moved to create and change room shapes and usages that a fixed stud wall could never achieve.


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