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Ice Cream Pie Cups

I know these ice cream pie cups are not the healthiest dessert, but I just had to share them before summer is over they are so delicious. . . . Imagine having a cup of ice cream and eating the cup too! This is the grownup version of ice cream cones, I tell you. The cups are perfect as a little something for special guests and served on crystal plates with silver spoons, but they do just as well at backyard parties and grabbed with the hands. They even stand up to ice cream bars with different ice creams and an assortment of toppings. These cups are so versatile, and you can do them as fancy or as simple as you like you can create your own ice cream pie sundaes, but you can also just have a cup of simple ice cream. If you do not know where to start, try this delicious combo, Nut-Free Vegan Ice Cream topped with my Healthy Chocolate Sauce yum! Vegans can have their ice cream too!

The cups are made out of a flaky, oil-based pie crust. The trick behind the flaky cups is to use cold coconut or palm oil. The hard or slightly softened oil is quickly chopped into the flour, leaving small pea-sized clumps of oil, which will melt during the baking process and create tender flakes. Cold water is quickly incorporated into the flour after the oil, and then the dough is shaped and baked while it is still cold. If you do not wish to bake it immediately, it should be refrigerated to stay cold, for cold dough produces the tenderest result.

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Now, there are three ways to shape the cups. For all three methods, the dough should be rolled out on a floured surface first. Use as much flour as needed to keep the dough from sticking. The first and easiest method for shaping the dough is to just place it in tartlet molds. The second method is to cut out squares of dough and shape them over the bottom of a glass dusted with flour, cutting the edge even, carefully wiggling the dough from the bottom of the glass, and placing it like a cup on a baking sheet. With this method, however, I found that you run the risk of the sides of the cups collapsing either before or during baking. The third method, which results in the square 'napkin shaped' cups you can see in the picture, is done by first arranging metal lids from jars on a baking sheet, putting something like metal cookie cutters underneath to elevate them; the dough is placed over the lids with the corners hanging over the edge and then baked. However, it is very likely that the lids will get stuck inside the cups during the baking, in which case you will just have to break the cups. As you can see, it is definitely easiest to use the tartlet molds, but there are non-conventional methods to try if you do not have the molds!

The baked cups can be stored for several days in an airtight bag or container. Even though they will keep some time at room temperature, it is better to store them in the refrigerator to keep the coconut oil fresh. I do not know if it really matters where you store them, but it is better to be on the safe side. When you are ready to serve the dessert, fill the cups with scoops of vegan ice cream and add any toppings you want! The cups should be served as soon as they are filled, as the crust will start softening after some time.

And as a bonus for reading through the entire post, I will assure you that the combination of crisp, flaky crust and cold, creamy ice cream is just . . . awesome! In spite of the calories. . .

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