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5 Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. This is especially true for moms who are still employed at a job, trying to start a business, busy being a mom, wife and friend, takes care of the home including washing clothes for the family, helping with homework and cooks dinner, and all the other tasks that moms are responsible for. Here are a few tips for staying balanced.

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1) Remember to take time for yourself. Every day I take 30-45 minutes of quiet time to pray, spend time with God, read and write in my journal. These are very relaxing strength building moments.

2) Have a weekly girls day out with friends. This time is precious to me. I've developed strong friendships, able to share common enjoyments, chit-chat with the girls, gain and give support, and so on.

3) Delegate. I've learned that there are things that I don't like to do, things I don't have time to do, and things that are just falling by the way-side. These are things that I've learned to delegate. Whether it's giving my daughter chores to complete, hiring a graphic designer to develop packaging, hiring housekeeper to do a deep clean of my house once a month, asking my husband to take our daughter to Girl Scouts, asking a friend to pick up needed items from the store when they are there, or so on. Learn to delegate.

4) Set Realistic Goals. I've realized that we are our own worst task masters. We have such high standards for ourselves that we typically set unrealistic goals and have unrealistic expectations. Though I live by the motto of dreaming big, I do believe that we also need to take a look at the road we are taking to achieve our lofty goals. If we stress ourselves to reach a goal, once we get there, we won't be able to enjoy it to it's fullest because we've simply worn ourselves out getting there. Therefore, always be realistic.

5) Prioritize. It's important to focus your working time on those things that are important and prioritize appropriately those things that can wait. Learn to ask questions that helps to identify the level of urgency of a task and set your schedule accordingly.

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