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Pros And Cons Of Log And Timber Houses

Whenever the typical person thinks of a log and timber residence, he or she is most likely thinking of chalets in Switzerland for winter sports or even the old fashioned American log cabin. But today there are several people across the world who prefer log and timber houses instead of a more traditional brick or concrete house and, if you look at the rewards, it is easy to see why they are getting increasingly popular. A timber home doesn`t automatically need to be premade though you can obviously obtain a premade home if you choose.

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The principal selling point of a log and timber residence is that it is a much cheaper option than an equivalent house that`s constructed of brick and cement. In reality, it can save you up to twenty-five percent on the cost of a traditional house. If you can pay for it, you can construct a very good high end house from logs and timber and spend just as much as you wish. Log and timber homes can also be built quickly and so that you do not need to wait a long time to enjoy them.

Areas which have high moisture content such as the tropics aren`t best for log and timber houses because even if they are cured with the proper chemical compounds, their lifespan and their toughness is significantly lowered. Many people think that, for instance, the outside of a log house has to be refinished each year, whilst others believe that it is satisfactory to refinish it just about every three to four years. In fact, there are a variety of finishes that are available that can last for different amounts of time and proper application is the vital aspect in the longevity of the coating. If you use a 3 coat finish that is properly employed, the finish can last for up to a decade.

Most of the major problems related to log and timber houses are due to the fact that proprietors attempt to do things quickly and cheaply and go cheap where they shouldn`t. Eventually they find themselves spending a great deal more funds on the house than what they save. If the logs aren`t prepared correctly before the finish is applied, the finish is not going to last. Moreover, if there`s any attempt at economizing simply by using a one coat finish, the owner of the house may well find that the finish needs to be replaced each year resulting in a large amount of unneeded investment. It`s also advisable to take into account that if you`re refinishing a preexisting log house, considerable cleaning might initially be required and sanding or grinding will most likely produce the best results.

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